Twin Mirror

Twin Mirror could land on Nintendo Switch

Dontnod's thriller could branch out.

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Announced in June during the latest E3 in Los Angeles, Twin Mirror is the new psychological thriller game developed by Dontnod Entertainment (Life is Strange, Vampyr). The game was announced for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, but the French studio doesn't rule out that Twin Mirror can also land on Nintendo Switch in the future. Interviewed by DualShockers, senior producer Fabrice Cambounet and screenwriter Matthew Ritter said they are thinking of a possible adaptation for Nintendo's hybrid console.

"Maybe. We're thinking about it", said Cambounet, who was echoed by Ritter's statements that the episodic nature of the game would allow the game to fit smoothly to the Nintendo platform. In fact, Switch's portability makes it perfect for enjoying episodic games, especially when travelling, so we hope that Dontnod seriously considers porting Twin Mirror to Nintendo hardware (and maybe even Life is Strange).

The first episode of Twin Mirror is expected to land in 2019, but it hasn't gotten a firm launch date yet.

Twin Mirror

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