Turtle Rock says goodbye to Evolve

Going free-to-play didn't save the game after all.

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After months of dwindling user numbers Turtles Rock Studios decided to make Evolve free-to-play on PC in July, and it seemed to save the game. Unfortunately, though, it didn't last long.

The studio has announced that they won't support the game any more. If we're interpreting the post correctly, this seems to be mostly 2K Games' call, so they're probably ending the support due to less than satisfying results after going F2P. Fortunately, there's also some good news. One of the reasons for their change of focus is that they're working on new projects, so expect to hear more from the studio in the future. As if that wasn't enough, they're also saying that the servers will stay up for the foreseeable future, so you can just keep playing it if you want.

Turtle Rock don't want to say goodbye to the game in a letter, so they'll be hosting a final Evolve-themed livestream on Thursday, October 27 on Twitch. Was the game a failed or unappreciated evolution?


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