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Turn 10 lays out a busy few months for Forza Motorsport

Endurance races, spectate mode, GT car division changes, Logitech TrueForce support, and more are planned in the coming weeks.

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Turn 10 has steadily improved and bettered Forza Motorsport ever since its arrival back in October 2023, to the point where there is now plenty of additional content and cars to check out and explore, as well as welcome adjustments to core gameplay elements and systems, such as the formerly tiresome progression. Turn 10 isn't finished with its upgrades to the game just yet, and has teased what the future will hold for the racing title.

On top of adding more tracks, Turn 10 will be adding a spectate mode for Forza Motorsport, as well as endurance races, a car proximity radar, changing the Forza GT car division, and introducing support for Logitech TrueForce. To add to this, we can expect improvements to the multiplayer mode so that it better pairs drivers with more similar safety ratings, which in itself will now be calculated based on data from your past 20 races and not 10.

There will also be adjustments to the race regulations in-game, with Turn 10 actively looking at ensuring drivers who are rear-ended aren't penalised and that those who side swipe others are penalised more dramatically. The AI is also set for some changes with the aim to finally tackle the unnecessary braking it performs and acts less erratically when being overtaken.

There is no timeline on when these improvements will land other than the next few months.

Forza Motorsport

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