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League of Legends

TSM signs SwordArt

The six-time regional champion, and Worlds 2020 runner-up is heading to the West.

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Team SoloMid has continued the revealing of their rebuilt League of Legends roster for 2021, with the signing of Hu "SwordArt" Shuo-Chieh. SwordArt, who is an incredibly decorated League player will be leaving the Chinese team of Suning - the organisation who just finished second overall at Worlds 2020 - and instead will be moving to the West, to join the LCS.

SwordArt has been signed until November 2022, meaning the well-regarded support player will be sticking with TSM for at least two seasons. By bringing a player of his calibre to TSM, the American team will be looking to build on his talents (that brought him six regional championships) in the hopes of having a more successful run at Worlds themselves.

With the signing of SwordArt, the TSM roster almost has enough players to compete, however, it does currently have two supports now, with Vincent "Biofrost" Wang being the second. As for how the TSM line-up continues to fill out, we'll have to wait to find out.

League of Legends

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