Overwatch 2

TSM returns to the competitive Overwatch scene

After stints in the space in the late 2010s and 2022, the team is back and competing in Blizzard's shooter.

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TSM actually has quite a storied past in the competitive Overwatch space, as the organisation was one of the first to found a team in the scene when Overwatch first debuted in the mid-2010s. However, after a couple of years, TSM exited Overwatch esports, before returning briefly in 2022. After these two former instances, TSM is back in Overwatch esports again, and hopefully this time, for a longer period of time.

The North American organisation has announced the creation of a new Overwatch 2 team that includes seven players, three coaches, and two analysts. As for who makes up the team, you can see the full roster below:

  • Joshua "Chopper" Song

  • Julian "Rokit" Pizana

  • Park "SeonJun" Seon-jun

  • Julian "Raikker" Bevien-Guevarra

  • John "iCy" Kazura

  • Christopher "Cjay" Smith

  • James "MagicM8Ball" Macpherson

  • Ethan "Cap" Walker

  • Joshua "Tensa" Small

  • James "Faustus" Frye

  • Bruno "GizmomcS" Calapez

  • Austin "Watermelon"

The team will be competing in the NA FACEIT League, which continues next week.

Overwatch 2

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