PUBG: Battlegrounds

TSM returns to PUBG: Battlegrounds with new roster

The team will be looking to compete at the Esports World Cup in the summer.

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Recently, the Esports World Cup announced around 30 partner teams, organisations that would be given a cash injection to be able to field and support rosters in the many different games and titles that feature tournaments at the massive event in Riyadh in the summer. We're already seeing the effect of this cash injection, as now TSM has announced its return to competitive PUBG: Battlegrounds with a new roster.

TSM properly left PUBG esports back in early 2022, meaning it has been over two years since the black and white has competed in the game. As for who will be starring on this team, four players and a coach have been signed, with these five being:

  • Aaron "aLOW" Lommen

  • Kurtis "Purdy" Bond

  • Luke "luke12" Newey

  • Pedro "sparkingg" Ribeiro

  • Seth "Woo1y" Little as the coach

This team will be looking to land a spot in the Esports World Cup by competing in the qualifier tournaments coming up.

PUBG: Battlegrounds

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