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League of Legends

TSM re-signs Bjergsen, extending to 2021

Their veteran League of Legends player also owns a stake in the team, having been there since 2013.

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Esports organisation Team SoloMid has revealed that they've renewed the contract of their long-time League of Legends player Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg, making him the longest-tenured player in TSM's history, which will extend until 2021.

On top of that, Bjergsen also owns a stake in the team as well, who he has represented since 2013. He's also experienced a lot of success in the North American Championship Series (LCS), although this has seen a decline in recent years.

"It was essential for us to re-sign Bjergsen," says Andy 'Reginald' Dinh, CEO and Founder of TSM. "Not only is he is one of the best players at his position, he is a great leader. He shares the same values we do as an organization. He is selfless, hardworking, and focused. It is this culture of grit, fortitude, and determination that is the most vital part of our organization. At TSM we are committed to living this culture, and Bjergsen is a testament to that. He is more than just a player to us, so making him a strategic shareholder was important."

"For the past six years, TSM has been my home and I've witnessed it evolve from an esports team to the organisation it is today," said Bjergsen. "I'm thrilled to have this opportunity to not only continue my career here as a player, but also be a bigger part of the incredible future that lies ahead for TSM."

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League of Legends
Photo: Team SoloMid

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