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League of Legends

TSM officially sells its LCS spot to Shopify Rebellion

After 11 years, the esports team is leaving the North American league.

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After over 11 years as part of the League of Legends Championship Series, TSM has confirmed that it has officially sold its spot in the North American league. The spot is being transferred to Shopify Rebellion, who will be making its debut in the LCS as soon as 2024.

Speaking about leaving the LCS, TSM posted a lengthy statement, which stated among other things: "TSM is a movement, binding us all together no matter who we are or where we came from. From North America and Europe to South America and Asia, our hearts beat as one.

"The black-and-white will live on through all of us, through the fans, through our history. It will live on through all our teams that compete with that very same championship mentality and Baylife bravado. Our journey towards more championships doesn't end here."

There were plenty of rumours that stated that TSM was looking to leave the LCS in favour of Europe's LEC, but as for the esports team acquiring a spot in that regional league, there has been no further news as of yet.

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games

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