Metroid Dread

Try Metroid Dread for free this Halloween weekend on Nintendo Switch

"All treat, no trick", Nintendo said.

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We love demos. It offers a demonstration for the game of your interest, and lets you have an opportunity to give it a try if you are still hesitating to buy the game or not - this is exactly what Nintendo just did for Metroid Dread.

Earlier a free demo for Metroid Dread has been made available and can be downloaded immediately, Nintendo announced. Since it coincides with Halloween this weekend, if you don't feel like dressing up in real life, then suit up as Samus Aran and have a wild ride on planet ZDR in Metroid Dread might be a good alternative plan.

"Experience the eerie isolation of a remote alien world, face a relentless mechanical menace, and power your way through a section of what Shacknews calls a sci-fi blast of brilliance that fans and newcomers alike will more than likely enjoy", Nintendo wrote.

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Metroid Dread

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