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Knack 2

Try Knack 2 right now

Sony has released a surprise demo for us.

People didn't know how to react when Sony unveiled Knack 2 at last year's PlayStation Experience, as the original has been the target of many jokes through the years, but some also saw its potential. We're now just one week away from seeing if it can live up to our hopes via the sequel, but we can also get a nice indication of its quality right now, as Sony has actually released a surprise demo of the game on the PlayStation Store.

This demo will let us play through the Monastery level, which was one of the levels we got to play in December. This area does a good job of showing how much more fun and varied the combat system has become, while also giving a taste of the improved exploration. You can even play it together with a friend, so you'll get to test some of the extra mechanics you'll have access to when playing with two Knacks.

Will you be giving the demo a go?

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