Trust Yavi

Trust's new wireless earbuds enter the budget range.

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Navigating the vast sea of consumer electronics can feel like an endless task, especially when small differences in choice can have noticeable impacts on performance. However, nowadays it is also easier to find exactly what we are looking for, regardless of our budget, be it hundreds of euros or, as in the case at hand of the Trust Yavi, a much lower price.

Trust Yavi

The Dutch brand opted a few years ago to go for a varied but always cost-effective range, and the Yavi earbuds are an excellent example of this. When we use them for the first time, an introspection is necessary in which we come to the conclusion that we are not buying the best in-ear phones on the market, we are buying the ones that fit the lower budgets, and that is their vocation. The Yavi is an entry-level device designed for everyday use without the need for AAA+ sound quality or superior features.

These Trust earphones deliver what they offer and they do it very well indeed. In our tests we found these earbuds to be reliable and comfortable, excellent for walking or going to the gym as, although they don't include active noise cancellation (something totally logical in this price segment), their natural fit to the ear isolates very effectively in environments with medium ambient noise. If you want to get on a plane unaware you're sitting next to the roaring engine of a 747, the Yavi may not be the best option, but for a wide range of scenarios, which is where most of us operate, they are perfectly adequate.

As for the sound, we will hear a slightly treble-heavy spectrum and a bass that is a little less noticeable than we would like, nothing critical and very normal in its price range, but perhaps it is a point that, depending on the type of content we listen to, can somewhat detract from the experience.

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At this point you will have noticed that several times have we made reference to the price of the Yavi when we refer to its features and this is relevant because it is undoubtedly one of the reasons that will make us opt for this set of earbuds. At €29.99 they are a very attractive option as "battle" earphones, i.e. reliable devices for a very attractive price.

Trust YaviTrust Yavi

The Yavi is available in three colours and Trust boasts a high level of material sustainability. This is difficult to assess, but what is a measurable fact is the battery life, which also according to the manufacturer, gives about 6 hours of uninterrupted sound and up to 23 hours with the charging case that connects to a USB-C socket for recharging. These amounts are very familiar from similar earbuds, though perhaps a little more vitaminised in this case, and that's something to be welcomed. The Yavi has a touch-sensitive surface that gives access to simple controls for fast-forwarding tracks or pausing content, but for our taste they react too quickly and can be pressed by mistake.

All in all, the Trust Yavi is an excellent choice in the entry-level range of in-ear buds and certainly offers a performance to match its low price. It is not as easy as it seems to find buds of these characteristics for what the Yavi cost, except by betting on completely unknown brands, which can be a bit of a lottery and end up going wrong on more occasions than we would like.

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The Yavi give what they offer and we have found them to be comfortable and enjoyable and so we can only recommend them for their price and be grateful for a global catalogue of technology that allows those on a tighter budget to enjoy a quality wireless in-ear device without having to strain their wallets.

Trust Yavi
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Trust Yavi

Trust Yavi

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Trust's new wireless earbuds enter the budget range.

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