Trust Tytan 2.1 Speaker Set

Improve your audio game with Trust's subwoofer and satellite speaker set.

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Every PC setup should be accompanied with a decent sound system, but generally speaking this doesn't tend to be the case. Why? PC gamers tend to play with headphones to drown out the whirring of fans, unlike console gamers who can instead lean on TV audio for a more relaxed gaming experience. To this end, I can admit I'm part of the group who has been fine with a serviceable PC speaker system, namely Logitech's Z200 effort. I'm not going to tell you they are anything particularly special, but considering I'm usually a metre or so away from them, they've always done the trick for me. However, I've decided it's time to start upping my audio game when it comes to my PC, and to this end, I've recently got my hands on Trust's Tytan 2.1 Speaker Set.

This collection of hardware consists of a three speaker system of two smaller satellites and a bigger, wooden subwoofer that really does the heavy lifting here. The unit is easy to set up and simply requires you to plug the subwoofer into a plug socket (which did mean additionally acquiring an EU to UK adaptor for myself, which is a minor nuisance), and then connecting the smaller, satellite speakers up in places near to the subwoofer to create a basic surrounding system. All that's left then is to connect to your PC via a 3.5mm cable and you're off. There is an option to also add a remote to the system, which can be added to your desktop so you can manually change audio - although this comes across as a pointless feature to me, as you'll probably end up changing volume using a keyboard shortcut or something similar at the end of the day.

But the point is, the Tytan speaker system is about as plug and play as a speaker set can get, and for me this is a massive bonus as speakers can often overcomplicate themselves with all kinds of audio jargon and options that are really only for the true audiophiles and not the masses.

I will say that the set is quite large, particularly the subwoofer, which can become a bit of a problem for anyone who is already struggling for space around their PC setup, as I am. Still for a set of speakers (which are affordable for the market, as speaker sets can set you back a LOT of money for the really premium options), the Tytan does exactly what it needs to do. Which is to provide a good audio experience for people likely sitting very close to it: it is a PC speaker at the end of the day.

Trust Tytan 2.1 Speaker Set
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The sound is clear and pronounced, at both high and lower volumes. Sometimes it can have issues with washed dialogue and voices when watching movies and TV, but for music it is much harder to notice the same issue as the vocals are never drowned out. The Tytan also has an option to crank up or down bass, meaning you can fiddle with it to suit exactly what you are after, be it a thumping beat or a much more subtle audible experience. It is worth saying that the Tytan can handle extremely loud audio, but as it is a PC speaker, it's probably not the best option if you want to be blasting music at max volume.

The appearance of the set is also fine at best. The satellite speakers do give off more of a plastic appearance thanks to their glossy finish, but the subwoofer looks much more professional and premium, even if it does have a very 'boxy' build that hardly comes across as the most striking.

However, for anyone looking for a pricier, yet still affordable PC speaker option, the Tytan definitely stands out as one to look out for, as it does exactly what you'd need out of a set of speakers for a computer and then some. Would it be nice if it supported HDMI ARC to make it a unit that could also be used for TVs and consoles, or even USB or Bluetooth? Absolutely. But as far as PC speakers go, the Tytan has definitely impressed me.

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