Trust GXT 490 Fayzo 7.1 Headset

Trust is back with another great budget option for gamers looking to up their audio game.

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We've reviewed a couple of Trust's products in the past, and each time I'm rather impressed at the quality you get for what is essentially a budget option for a lot of gamers. Sometimes at Gamereactor we can get headphones that are worth hundreds of pounds. These are often great products, but whenever I look at something that costs that much, my thoughts immediately turn to the people who don't want to spend loads of money to have an immersive gaming experience.

This is a niche that Trust fits rather well. At the time of writing, you can find the Trust GXT 490 Fayzo Headset for just under £35. A steal, really, when you consider that most gaming accessories (controllers, headsets, mice, etc) cost around £50 even for the budget options. However, when you see a price like that, you're probably left wondering whether this headset is any good, or if it's just cheap.

Trust GXT 490 Fayzo 7.1 Headset

As I mentioned before, Trust often impresses for its price point. For the cost, you get a wired headset and mic compatible with PCs and PS5. Apart from some RGB lighting around the exterior of the cups, it's simple, understated stuff. The design is sleek and dark, and makes the headset appear costlier than it is. The lightweight and plasticky feel will remind you you've got a bargain on your hands, but again when it's made of 85% recycled plastics, you'll feel a bit greener for even going with a more budget-friendly option. Something that's fairly rare in the world of tech.

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So it looks good, even if it doesn't necessarily feel as luxurious as another, more expensive bit of kit, but how does it sound? That's the main query, really. The answer is that it sounds pretty darn good. Not the best quality, but again I'm going to sound like a broken record as I tell you to remember the price point here. The Trust Fayzo GXT 490 has an audio quality comparable to my regular headset which cost around double the price. Not bad, really. The mic quality isn't really anything to rave about. I wouldn't recommend using it as your main recording device if you podcast or create content, but if all you want to do is game then it's fine enough.

Trust GXT 490 Fayzo 7.1 Headset

My main point of contention with this kit is the tightness of the cups. They suck onto the side of your head like you've attached an octopus to your cranium. This is done to create the noise-cancelling effect, but it also overheated my ears quite quickly and squeezed my admittedly large head. If you're looking to game non-stop for longer periods of time, you're likely to feel the squeeze even more. Again, you get what you pay for, but I still couldn't help but feel a bit of discomfort when wearing this headset for a good deal of time.

Apart from that, if you're looking to save some money on peripherals or are starting to get into gaming, Trust once again gives that good entryway. It might not be the best bit of kit on the market, but considering what it provides at the fraction of the cost of the most expensive headsets out there, it's a pretty decent pickup.

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Trust GXT 490 Fayzo 7.1 Headset
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8 / 10
Solid audio quality, noise cancelling, recycled materials, nice look
Quite tight around the ears, mic quality isn't something to rave about
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