Trust GXT 310 Radius

We got our hands on Trust's new entry-level gaming headset, the GXT 310 Radius.

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At just £14.99, the GXT 310 is one the most affordable items within Dutch manufacturer Trust's catalogue and it promises to deliver a quality all-round auditory experience for gamers.

We were given the black and red colour variant for review purposes but it should be noted that the GXT 310 also comes in pink and white for those seeking a more flamboyant look. The ear cups, in particular, caught our eye as they looked as though they were fitted with wheel trims ripped straight from a sports car and we liked too how the splashes of red underneath the head strap and within each cup stood out boldly against its black exterior. Another thing we appreciated is that they didn't feel overly large and bulky like some of its competitors which made them just as viable for music listening out on our commute (if we had one right now).

At a feather-light 313g and we even forgot that it was sat upon our head at times due to its snug and cushioned design. The headset features foam-like padding under its adjustable headband and the cushioned ear cups we found not to produce too much heat after wearing them for longer durations. It certainly scores big in terms of comfort but we were less impressed when it came down to durability and build quality. The headset certainly has a budget feel to it and feels like it could be damaged too easily.

The headset has a frequency response of 20hz -20khz and is fitted with two 40mm drivers within each ear cup. We found the audio quality to punch well above its weight given that it falls on the lower end of the price scale and everything sounded crisp and clear, whether we were listening to the hushed whispers of NPCs or engaging in heated firefights. The main drawback that we noticed was that the headset lacked presence within the lower end of the frequency spectrum and this became especially apparent during general music listening.

The GXT 310 is equipped with an omnidirectional condenser microphone that can be folded neatly away to prevent intrusion if you're just looking to kick back and listen to tunes. The microphone doesn't present a great deal of flexibility in terms of positioning as it can only be moved in a stiff rigid fashion. The plus side of this though was that once we got the position we wanted it remained anchored in place achieving a consistent vocal capture. Although we found it a little boomy, the microphone we'd argue does a serviceable job at audio capture, meaning that friends within your party chat and viewers on stream will hear you with clarity.

Trust GXT 310 Radius

Its plastic-coated cable has a length of 1m and this can be doubled for PC players with the support of an accompanying extender, which comes packaged in the box. This meant that the cable had the freedom to stretch across our desk and there was no danger of the headset being disconnected if we decided to blissfully recline back into our chair. Perhaps to be expected at this price point is that there's no option to replace the cable if it was to meet an unfortunate and untimely end. At just £14.99 for a new pair though, you wouldn't be set too far back if you found yourself having to shell out for a replacement.

Perhaps the biggest offence here is that expected features such as a volume slider and mute switch for its accompanying microphone have been stripped out. We found this to be a strange omission as these are functions we have found on practically every pair of headphones we've owned - even cheap and disposable ones we bought for use at the gym. It felt like an unnecessary annoyance to keep fiddling around with our devices to hit that volume sweet spot and it made the headset a less than favourable choice for streaming as we lacked the ability to mute our mic on the fly in the event of any unexpected interruptions.

We can see the GTX 310 being a great headset for younger gamers looking to immerse themselves into the world of online gaming. Despite retailing for only £14.99, we found it to deliver a respectful performance for both gaming and general listening and its light-weight and cushioned design meant that it was always comfortable to wear. We did, however, miss general features like a volume slider and a mute switch, but we understand that some sacrifices had to be made when trying to strike the balance between quality and affordability. Overall, this is a quality headset with a few minor drawbacks that shouldn't be overlooked.

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