Dirt 5

Troy Baker outlines the challenge of working on Dirt 5

In an interview with us, the legendary voice actor opened up about this change in genre.

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We recently interviewed one of the most prolific voices in all of the videogame industry, Troy Baker, where we asked him a bunch of questions regarding what it was like working on Dirt 5, which is a less narrative-heavy experience than what he is used to.

To start with, we asked Baker about how he came to the Dirt 5 project, he said; "I started talking to the guys at Codemasters, they said; 'what if we inserted this narrative inside of our game and really gave it some narrative framework, for something that is by-large, a driver-driven game.'"

Further on we asked him if this change in genre was challenging, with Baker replying with; "It's an instant challenge, because it's something I haven't done before, and when it's a franchise that I know... to be part of a franchise I have a history with playing, and now I'm in it, it's the best part of the gig."

We also asked Baker about what his character represents. He said; "A lot of characters, you kind of have a paragraph, and then you have a discussion with the creative director, and then you kind of find it as you go. This was something very different. I walked in and they were like, 'here's a bible on AJ, with appendices,' and they had done all of this exhaustive work of telling me who this person was, which allowed me as an actor, to be able to go, 'Great! How does he respond to this situation.'"

You can find the full interview where Baker goes deeper into all of these areas above. Including a look into his relationship with fellow voice actor Nolan North, and what it was like working on The Last of Us Part II.

Dirt 5

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