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Troy Baker has left Retro Replay

Retro Replay, the YouTube show featuring dynamic duo Troy Baker and Nolan North has lost one of its hosts.

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Retro Replay is a Youtube show hosted by Troy Baker and Nolan North. Both North and Baker are well known for their portrayals of various characters in high-profile video games.

Now an email has been sent out to Retro Replay supporters and it states that Troy Baker has left the show, which of course will cause the show to change in the future. Apparently there were disagreements regarding the general direction of the show which caused friction between the two, and in the letter, it's stated that the relationship between the two is "not okay" but that it will be.

Troy Baker is moving on with his own channel. This email mentioned above came as a shock to Baker himself because he expected that there would be a video or an announcement made. But it didn't happen that way.

Nolan North continues Retro Replay with rotating guests.

Troy Baker has left Retro Replay
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