Tropico 6

Tropico 6 developers keeping "what makes Tropico Tropico"

We talked with game designer Leonard Tetzlaff recently.

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Tropico 6 sees the series move into Limbic Entertainment's hands, and at Gamescom this year we spoke with game designer Leonard Tetzlaff to talk about how they work out what to change, and what to keep the same.

"Well the first thing is we really need to find out what makes Tropico Tropico, because these are the things we cannot touch, we cannot change," he explained. "There's the Tropico DNA - this needs to stay the same - and as soon as we figure that out we try to find one or two key aspects on which to improve, and in this case the main thing is, as people have already heard, you no longer have just one island - [there's] now multi-island gameplay. And then you take this one thing and you say 'okay what challenges emerge from that, what opportunities emerge from that' and then you continue branching out your game design in order to incorporate this big new feature and make it to a whole round new game, where this feature does not feel added on top, but as a key part of the gameplay."

Do you like this approach to developing a sequel?

Tropico 6

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