Tropico 6

Tropico 6 delayed by a couple of months

It needs a little longer in the oven as Kalypso Media wants to give Limbic Entertainment more time to make it lovely, not just likeable.

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Kalypso Media Group's head Simon Hellwig has issued an open letter to the Tropico Community explaining the reasons why the sixth entry of the tropical dictatorship simulation series will release two months later than expected. Tropico 6 was in fact due out this month, but will instead see release on March 29.

It's your usual polish, tweaks and improvements reasons, but Hellwig goes more personal as he explains how the company has been working on the series and how "Tropico 6 is good, but not very good, or outstanding. Yet", as he wants to "love" the game, more than just liking it.

The decision has also been based on beta feedback, so the final version will also take community requests into consideration:

"Features like pathfinding, a challenging multiplayer and the comprehensive simulation not only of each individual Tropican, but of the whole economy, are already implemented well, but could benefit from more balancing, testing and enhancement to meet our very high quality standards for Tropico 6".

Kalypso finally apologises for the delay and asks fans for patience (which will be rewarded with first DLC added for free in spring as a loyalty bonus), but for those who don't have enough, a return or refund on pre-orders is offered as well.

Tropico 6

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