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Tropico 5

Tropico 5 gets another DLC bundle on PS4

Available now.

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Viva el Presidente! Tropico 5 on PS4 get another DLC bundle, which ties in three different expansions. It's called Paradise Lost and it contains Surfs Up!, Gone Green and Supervillain. All of the expansions feature a new scenario, island, building, music track and dynasty avatar accessory. You can see the full listing of the bundle's contents below.

Paradise Lost DLC bundle can now be downloaded from PS Store and it costs £6.49.

Tropico 5

Paradise Lost Bundle
Combines three DLC packs: Surf’s Up, Gone Green and Supervillain
3 new standalone scenarios with original stories and objectives
3 new buildings for all game modes: Wind Farm, Dolphinarium and Giant Laser
3 new dynasty avatar accessories: Hippie-Hair, Diving Mask and Evil Stache
3 new sandbox maps: Isabella, Qualichi and Isla del Pescado
3 new music tracks and additional voice recordings

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