Trials of Mana

Trials of Mana launching next April

The Nintendo Direct had news to share on Square Enix's RPG, and we even have a new trailer for TGS.

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Last night's Nintendo Direct was packed with stuff to see, and if you enjoyed Secret of Mana, you'll be pleased to hear that Trials of Mana - a game that never got a release in the West - is getting a remake, one that's landing on the Switch on April 24 next year, along with PC and PS4.

What's more is that we also have a new trailer to celebrate the impending Tokyo Game Show, which you can watch below to get a further taste of the RPG that never was, coming from Square Enix.

If you pre-order or buy the game either physically or digitally by May 21 for the Switch or PS4 you'll also get the Rabite Adornment DLC, letting players gain more EXP after battles up until level 10. Pre-orders of the digital edition on PS4 also include an exclusive avatar set featuring the six heroes of the game too, with those pre-ordering or buying on Steam before May 21 getting an exclusive wallpaper set as well as Rabite Adornment.

Will you be getting Trials of Mana?

Trials of Mana

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