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Treatz gets a visa to join TSM's academy team in LA

He's been playing remotely from Sweden, but now the cardboard cutout is no longer necessary to represent the player.

Erik 'Treatz' Wessén is a League of Legends player for TSM's Academy roster, although you might be more used to seeing a cardboard cutout of him rather than his actual face. That's because he's been playing remotely, which hasn't stopped him from helping the team lift the title this spring.

However, Treatz won't be staying in Sweden, as he's revealed on Twitter that he's had his visa approved and will join the team in LA in time for the next split, meaning the cardboard cutout won't be needed any more.

In the spring playoffs TSM beat the likes of Cloud9 and Echo Fox's academy squads, and they'll be hoping to replicate this success now that Treatz is there in LA with them.

What should be done with cardboard Treatz?

League of Legends
Photo: Team SoloMid

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