Treat yourself to an official Master Sword

And it'll only set you back around £115.

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The Master Sword remains perhaps the most iconic weapon in gaming, and wielding it in the Zelda games is always pure magic. That's why we suspect many will now be rushing to pre-order a piece when we tell you that you'll soon be able to buy your own Master Sword.

Bandai Spirit's Tamashii Nations 'Proplica' Master Sword has been announced and can be pre-ordered at this link. The sword will be delivered in October and the price tag for this fancy item is around £115/€130 (22,000 yen). Here is the official description, translated by Bing:

"The Master Sword from 'The Legend of Zelda' series is now available at PROPLICA.

The Legend of Zelda Master Sword" is now available in PROPLICA. The powerful sculpture is approximately 105 cm in length and exudes an overwhelming presence. Eight songs from "The Legend of Zelda" series are included. In addition, button actions and a vibration gimmick are built in.

This product is a display model to be enjoyed indoors. Do not take it outdoors or swing it around."

Time to indulge yourself just in time for summer, perhaps?

Treat yourself to an official Master Sword

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