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Travel in style with Bellroy's Jet Set kit

This Travel Wallet and Toiletry Kit is perfect for carry-on luggage.

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If you're planning on flying around the world in the near future but have trouble keeping tabs on all of the necessary travel documents, and packing an acceptable hand luggage bag, then Bellroy might just have the solution for you.

Known as the Jet Set kit, this duo of a Travel Wallet and a Toiletry Kit is made so that you can both easily store and keep safe passports, cash, cards, and so forth, as well as having a set of essentials on hand and not locked away in a suitcase.

To see if this travel set is up your street, we've made it the focus of the latest episode of Quick Look, which you can find below, with our very own Magnus hosting and sharing some facts and thoughts about the products.


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