Transistor soundtrack now available on vinyl

Includes a brand new single, too. Don't worry, you'll get it if you bought the digital soundtrack earlier.

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Supergiant Games' lovely isometric action-RPG Transistor isn't just a great game, it also has an excellent soundtrack. That soundtrack has previously been available on all sorts of digital platforms, but now the studio is also putting it out in a deluxe double-vinyl edition.

Besides delicious artwork and 180 gram milky white vinyl records, the package also includes a brand new single, She Shines, by composer Darren Korb and singer Ashley Barrett. It also comes with a voucher for a digital download of the soundtrack. Swing by the Supergiant website to order it.

If you've previously bought the Transistor soundtrack from the Supergiant store, Bandcamp or Steam, you'll get an update with the new single in the mail for free.


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