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      Gear Club Unlimited

      Trailer: Gear Club Unlimited, the first realistic racer for Switch

      Eden Games adapts its mobile racing game to the hybrid console this year.

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      Test Drive Unlimited creators Eden Games is working on an adaptation of their mobile racer Gear Club for the Nintendo Switch. The game, which came to iOS and Android platforms last year, will now be launched by publisher Microids as Gear Club Unlimited, and has just been announced as the "first true serious racing game on Switch" (some would say Mario Kart can get very serious, but that's another discussion).

      As the teaser trailer below, which is still CGI-based and includes no in-game footage, confirms the game includes several car manufacturers such as Mercedes and McLaren. A look at the mobile game shows an arcadey, but realistic style, not close to Need for Speed or Forza Motorsport extremes, but rather somewhere in the middle where Driveclub sits. Here's an excerpt from official description:

      "Players will have to demonstrate a strong competitive spirit during frantic races to win championships and set the fastest lap times, alone or against their friends! In order to make their cars ever more powerful and aggressive, players can customize them - from body to engine!"

      Gear.Club Unlimited (that's the official wording) launches on Nintendo Switch this autumn.

      Gear Club Unlimited

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