Trailer for the first story DLC for Battleborn

Relive the Thrall uprising in all its glory.

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This thursday Gearbox Software released the first story DLC for their Battleborn. It's called Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion, and as the title might indicate, you'll get to relive the Thrall uprising in the Jennerit Empire. This is the first of five story DLCs, and you can play it either alone or in co-op with up to two others.

Along with the release we got a trailer, so before you spend your cash you can check it out below. All five story DLCs are included in the season pass, but you can also buy it separately for 700 of the in-game currency Platinum. Will you be joining in with the story DLCs? Or is the base game enough for you?


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Battleborn is going offline

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