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Toy Soldiers HD

Toy Soldiers HD has been delayed indefinitely on Nintendo Switch

It's the version's fourth delay overall.

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The delays just keep on coming for Toy Soldiers HD. Signal Studios has announced that the reworked Xbox Live Arcade title has been delayed indefinitely on the Nintendo Switch as the team wishes to spend more time "testing and polishing" the launch build. This is the fourth time that the game has been delayed overall, but fortunately, the PC PS4, and Xbox One versions are still on target to hit the planned release date of October 21.

The full statement from the team reads: "Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch version is still being tested and will not make the 21st date. We share your frustration. We pushed ourselves to achieve a simultaneous release. We believed we could do it.

The Nintendo Switch version of the game is coming very soon, but we cannot announce an exact date until we finish testing and polishing our launch candidate build. Once completed, we will submit it to Nintendo for certification. At that point, we will be able to announce its release date."

Toy Soldiers HD was initially planned to release this August, but that was later revised to September 9 and then September 30. Lastly, the game was delayed another time until October 21 with hopes of it releasing simultaneously across all platforms, but we now know that this will no longer happen.

Toy Soldiers HD

Thanks, Nintendo Life.

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