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Total War: Warhammer fans get free content this week

Free content to launch alongside Beastmen DLC.

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On Thursday the first DLC for Total War: Warhammer, Call of the Beastmen, is due for release but fans who haven't bought it still get some free content with the accompanying update.

In Update 2 the free things included are a new hero and mount, a new opposition AI race, new multiplayer features, new maps for custom and multiplayer as well as an unlockable Lord for multiplayer and custom battles.

The Amber Wizard is the new hero and is an Empire unit that can use Lore of Beasts, allowing spells like Wyssan's Wildform and Flock of Doom. It is also the only unit capable of riding the new Amber Griffon mount.

The new race are the Beastmen who are playable in the DLC. Along with this new faction there will be a multiplayer rebalance and a lot of other updates to multiplayer too.

A full list of free things included in the update can be found on the Wiki.

Total War: Warhammer

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