Total War: Rome II

Total War: Rome II getting new grand campaign

Set in the third century, it's time to see an Empire Divided.

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Sega and The Creative Assembly have unveiled a new grand campaign heading to Total War: Rome II, more than four years after the game's initial release. The new campaign, set in the third century, sees the Roman Empire split into three factions following some serious mismanagement, and there'll be ten playable factions involved in the reshaping of this once vast empire.

Ahead of the campaign's release on November 30, there's a Q&A over on the Total War site, which explains the setting in a bit more detail, as well as detailing the free Power & Politics update that's coming to the game for all players.

Given the amount of fantasy-themed Total War content we've seen over the past couple of years, fans of the historical part of the franchise will certainly be pleased to have something new to play. The Empire Divided campaign is available to pre-order now with a discount on the £11.99/ 16,99€ price tag for early birds, although it is worth noting that players will need the Emperor Edition of Rome II in order to access the content.

Total War: Rome II

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