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Toronto Defiant completes its Overwatch League roster

RoKy and Asher are the last two signings.

Overwatch League team Toronto Defiant has just revealed that Park 'RoKy' Joo-seong and Jun-sung 'Asher' Choi have been added to the roster, locking it down for the upcoming second season of the competition.

Go 'Aid' Jae-yoon, Lee 'Stellar' Do-hyung, Lee 'Ivy' Seung-hyun, Se-hyeon 'Neko' Park, Kang-jae 'envy' Lee, and Jo 'Yakpung' Gyeong-mu are the other players on the team, so there is plenty of Korean talent to compete with the other teams.

Is Toronto a team you have high hopes for?

Photo: Toronto Defiant

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