Top 7 GRTV Shows of September

We're back with another weekend top 7 entry that dives into the best GRTV has to offer.

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Once again we take a look back at some of the best, most interesting, and captivating material published on GRTV during past month. New consoles, composers, handheld games, and blockbusters are all represented.

7. Handheld Heaven #3
Thomas Blichfeldt & Lee West (Gamereactor)
Filmed: Copenhagen (August)
Published: September 27

The monthly handheld round-up show returns and our Danish colleagues Thomas and Lee have quite a line up of titles to tackle in this episode. Lee focuses on iOS releases (and some Android), while Thomas has been playing New Super Mario Bros. 2 on Nintendo 3DS and Little Big Planet Vita. The duo is starting to warm up to the new format, don't you think?

6. FIFA 13 (Online)
Garreth Reeder (EA Canada)
Filmed: Stockholm (September)
Published: September 10

Online producer Garreth Reeder gave us some added insights into the online aspects of FIFA 13 in this interview and also outlined the live team and the work they have ahead as the game blurs the line between boxed product and live service. The interview was shot during an event in a sports bar in Stockholm, if you're curious about the dark surroundings.

5. PS3 Superslim Unboxing
Gillen McAllister (Gamereactor)
Filmed: London (September)
Published: September 26

We unbox the new slimmer, lighter version of Playstation 3 in the office, checking how it compares with the previous slim model and exploring the the new look and features.

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4. Medal of Honor: Warfighter
Greg Goodrich (Danger Close)
Filmed: Copenhagen (September)
Published: September 11

Rasmus Lund-Hansen cornered executive producer Greg Goodrich at an event in Copenhagen to ask him some pointed questions about the exclusion of Danish special forces in the game and how realism fits with the new story that jumps from location to location. As always, Goodrich is a great interviewee and provides some interesting bits of information on the upcoming shooter.

3. Borislav Slavov Interview
Borislav Slavov (composer)
Filmed: Playfest, Ubéda (July)
Published: September 28

Our Spanish editor David Caballero attended the PlayFest festival and caught up with some of the foremost composers in the video game industry, including Bulgarian composer Borislav Slavov, who's work include Crysis 2, Two Worlds II and Gothic and who is now employed at Crytek where he has worked on the Warface soundtrack. Slavov offers some great insights into composing and reveals his love for ethnic, traditional instruments and the role music can play in helping game designers communicate how a player should deal with a certain mission or situation.

2. Little Big Planet Karting
Jen Timms (United Front Games)
Filmed: Copenhagen (September)
Published: September 21

The charming Jen Timms, producer at United Front Games, was on hand at a Little Big Planet event (featuring Little Big Planet Vita, and Little Big Planet 2 Cross-Controller DLC, in addition to karting) to answer Thomas Blichfeldt's questions on how the project came about and the limitations of the creation tool players will have access to.

1. Dishonored
Harvey Smith (Arkane Studios)
Filmed: Gamescom, Cologne (August)
Published: September 14

An extensive and highly interesting interview with Harvey Smith, co-creative director on Dishonored, where he goes into some depth about the choices players are presented with, the depth of the universe they've created for Dishonored, and the pleasure of seeing a player "get" your game during a demo session. Even at twenty minutes in length, this one will keep you glued all the way through.

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