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Top 7 Gamescom surprises

Who in their right mind doesn't love a surprise? We sure do, and this is a list of our top seven surprises of Gamescom.

In particular order our biggest surprises of Gamescom 2012, Cologne, Germany. Everything from the nightlife of footballers, to undressing slutty blondes and papercrafting.

7. Lords of Football

This is where we could see Sir Alex Ferguson starting to throw shoes.

Tired of football becoming more an exercise in balancing books than about the actual sport? Well, Lords of Football tackles this in a unique an interesting manner. The complete opposite of your cash and stats driven management sims like Football Manager, this game takes a lighter approach to managing a football side. This game seems to have more in common with The Sims, than Sports Interactive's franchise, as you will have to manage your players both on and off the pitch. If you're a football fan who leans more towards Footballer's Wives than the financial section of the paper, then perhaps this game is right up your alley. Sure, looks like fun.

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6. Until Dawn

"You're in for a surprise!"

When Sony sent out invitations to come see presentations of a "new Move IP" during Gamescom, I think the were met with little genuine enthusiasm from the jaded members of the specialist press. Dancing? Sports? Perhaps it make use of the controller as a magic wand? Sigh. What we were treated to instead was Until Dawn - a video game take on the teen horror flick, complete with a seemingly slutty blonde, a douchey jock, dead animals, and well a lot of drama. If the subject matter is treated correctly and with the right amount of campyness added it could well be a reason to dust off those Move controllers in the near future.

Developers Supermassive Games has a bit of a spotty past (let's not mention the recent Doctor Who title, eh?), but they also have experience with both Sony and Move (Tumble, Start the Party) so let's hope Sony's trust is well placed with this one. And well, using the Move controller to undress a voluptuous blonde - was perhaps one of the most unexpected surprises we saw at the show.

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5. Mars: War Logs

What happens if you mix prawn DNA with hyena DNA? Surprise!

Postapocalyptic science fiction isn't exactly untread ground as far as video games goes, but Mars: War Logs from French developers Spiders Studio managed to peak our interest at Gamescom. And it was the Mars setting and the idea of advanced technology being forgotten and lost (presumably to be rediscovered), paired with the weird mutants and intriguing technomancers that really showed the potential of this science fiction universe.

Remains to be seen if Spiders have what it takes to execute on a fine idea, but Mars: War Logs certainly stood out as one of the bigger surprises of the show.

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