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Tons of Microsoft Flight Simulator players have been visiting Hurricane Ian

Players have been using the simulator to experience flying in a category four storm.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator (MFS) players have been flocking to Hurricane Ian in-game to attempt to fly in the challenging conditions.

MFS simulates not only the geographical layout of Earth in an extremely accurate manner, but can even simulate real, live weather conditions using the Meteoblue weather monitoring system.

Hurricane Ian is a deadly category four storm, which has been sweeping across Cuba and moving up through south-eastern areas of the US. It has recorded winds of up to 150mph and is estimated to have been about 140 miles wide at its peak, although has now diminished to a category one on its path northward.

Real life 'Hurricane Hunter' Nick Underwood described a flyover he conducted for the NOAA on his Twitter: "When I say this was the roughest flight of my career so far, I mean it. I have never seen the bunks come out like that. There was coffee everywhere. I have never felt such lateral motion."

These dangerous conditions are the appeal for many MFS players, who can test themselves in the storm and replicate the activities of hurricane hunters from the safety of their homes. The MFS subreddit has been inundated with reports of mass gatherings in the affected area, and various videos of flights around or even through the hurricane.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

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