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Tommy Wiseau's Big Shark gets its first trailer

The film will have a theatrical release on the 2nd of April.

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Tommy Wiseau is most well-known for his burning car wreck of a film The Room. Enough people enjoyed that 2003 "drama" for it to make a name for Wiseau, who is now looking towards the release of his second film, Big Shark.

With a 20-year gap between The Room and Big Shark, you might expect some production quality differences in the two films. However, it seems apart from a few minor changes, the Wiseau experience remains the same.

Looking at the trailer, it seems the title of the film sums up exactly what it's about. With Sharknado-esque effects, we're once again expecting to laugh at more than laugh with Wiseau on this one, but that doesn't mean Big Shark won't necessarily be a fun watch.

Check out the trailer for Big Shark below:

Tommy Wiseau's Big Shark gets its first trailer

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