Tom Hardy's top 5 performances

Capone, Venom, Bane, Mad Max... Tom Hardy has portrayed a host of truly iconic characters over the last 20 years and here are what we consider to be his five finest performances.

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Tom Hardy will have spent seven years in the role of Venom before the third and final film about Todd McFarlane's symbiote rolls out in cinemas... It's a sad state of affairs, not least because of the potential Hardy has at his core, five of which we have picked out to document and showcase just how excellent of an actor he is at his best.

5. Inception (2010)

The identity thief Eames in Christopher Nolan's iconic thriller is, 14 years later, a different role for the talented Hardy and an interpretation that is hard not to love. His stylish arrogance and almost blasé view of serious crime is charismatic to the point of being eccentric, which Hardy cements through fantastic intensity and cold body language.

Tom Hardy's top 5 performances

4. Dark Knight Rises (2012)

In the comics, Bane is a 300kg mutated monster and when Joel Schumacher included the character in Batman Forever, he was made into a stony muscular caricature that smashed everything in his path. Nolan, on the other hand, wanted to do something different. Hardy had, prior to the start of filming, stumbled upon an old 1930s boxer and a documentary film about him and began to mimic his way of speaking, which later became Bane's voice in one of the most uncomfortably creepy villain portraits of all-time.

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Tom Hardy's top 5 performances

3. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

In an almost entirely silent role, Hardy does wonders with Mad Max as a character and this film, like Warrior, makes it abundantly clear what an incredibly strong presence Hardy has when he really steps into a role and how charismatic even his most blunt characters always seem to be.

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Tom Hardy's top 5 performances

2. Warrior (2011)

Hardy is, in my opinion, best at playing strong but vulnerable, stoic and quietly tormented roles because his intensity is almost palpable, and because he has an incredible ability to convey emotion with a minimum amount of fuss and without speaking. In Warrior, Hardy plays MMA fighter and tortured, broken war veteran Tommy Conlon who has lost touch with his brother, largely due to their father's alcoholism and their mother's tragic death. He portrays him with a charismatic austerity that, along with his propensity for violence, makes the film extremely watchable.

Tom Hardy's top 5 performances

1. Locke (2013)

Hardy's performance in the downright painfully underrated one-man drama Locke is not only his finest moment as an actor but, in my humble opinion, perhaps the best display of truly sharp acting ever captured on film. Just as unashamedly fantastic is Hardy's performance as the emotionally unavailable civil engineer Ivan Locke who, in his car on the way out of London, finds himself in the midst of an emotional crisis and tries to sort out his life via phone calls to those closest to him.

Tom Hardy's top 5 performances

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