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Todd McFarlane: Spawn won't be a "$200M special effects extravaganza"

He is more concerned about the drama.

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Blockbuster superhero movies tend to include a whole lot of CGI destruction with ground shattering, tall buildings falling, major explosions and cars flying around like tennis balls during the Wimbledon finals.

A lot of people have become tired of this formula, and one of them is the Spawn creator and comic book legend Todd McFarlane. He is currently working on a new movie based on Spawn, and during the New York Comic Con, he explained that he wants drama and not a whole lot of expensive CGI:

"I'm more concerned [about whether] if [Scott Silver] and Malcolm can do the drama. I know they can do the comic book stuff, but everybody wants to do something different where superhero movies are concerned here. Nobody on our team wants to do a $200M special effects extravaganza. I've done that move. I've seen that movie."

What is your stance on this, are movies based on comic book superheroes to much "special effects extravaganza" these days?

Todd McFarlane: Spawn won't be a "0M special effects extravaganza"

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