Super Lucky's Tale

Today on GR Live: Xbox One X titles

The new console is here, and we're going to show you how it looks.

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The day is finally here, as the Xbox One X has hit the market running, and of course there are a bunch of titles waiting with specifically designed patches that take advantage of the extra horsepower in the console. In order to properly showcase this, Gamereactor is taking one tiger leap forward, and we'll be offering up today's Xbox One X-centric livestream in 4K resolution to those of you equipped with the screen and bandwidth up to the task.

We'll be using the Xbox One X to bring you the crispest versions of everything from Super Lucky's Tale to Gears of War 4, and both Magnus and Dóri will be your guides for this incredible tour of the new console, so please do tune in at 15:00 (16:00 CET) on our live page.

Super Lucky's Tale

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