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Doom Eternal

Today on GR Live we're returning to Doom Eternal

We'll be playing more master levels, Ultra Nightmare, and, if we can get a match, Battlemode.

Doom Eternal will be with us properly tomorrow (although we've seen some stores selling it early), and so we're going to show it off once again on GR Live, with Dóri preparing to once again put the demon hordes to the sword. Literally, in some cases.

The plan is to pick up where we left off yesterday, before attempting another Ultra Nightmare run (to see how far we get - permadeath means one mistake and it's game over), and, if we can get a game, we'll check out Battlemode, as the servers have just gone online ahead of launch.

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Simply join us on GR Live at 3pm GMT / 4pm CET for another round of demon slaughter. What's more, you can check out yesterday's livestream replay (see above) if you want to get in the mood for some Doom, and you can head this way for a more in-depth analysis of the game via our review.

Doom Eternal

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