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No Man's Sky

Today on GR Live we're playing No Man's Sky on Xbox One X

We're taking a look at Hello Games' space adventure after the NEXT update.

We've dipped in and out of No Man's Sky since it initially launched back in 2016, but the NEXT update which hit the game just yesterday feels like a significant milestone, especially seeing as how it lands alongside the Xbox One X version of the game, which also released yesterday.

A new platform means new players, and that's why we've lined up intrepid explorer Eirik to take his first steps in this fascinating game of interplanetary adventure, and naturally, he'll be playing the Xbox One version of the game. To see what No Man's Sky has to offer after this latest update simply tune in over on GR Live at 3pm BST / 4pm CEST and watch as we explore Hello Games' galactic sandbox.

No Man's Sky

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