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Metro Exodus

Today on GR Live we're playing Metro Exodus

With Artyom and friends emerging from the darkness of the Moscow subway today, we thought we'd check out the start of their adventure.

This week has been a busy one, and there are several monster games all launching today, February 15, with Crackdown, Anthem, Jump Force, and Far Cry: New Dawn all hitting store shelves this week. There's one game missing from that list, however, and that's none other than Metro Exodus, the third game in the post-apocalyptic shooter series by 4A Games.

And it's Metro that we're going to be playing in today's GR Live. Lisa, who reviewed the game, is going to dive back in in order to show you the very opening of the game. Once things open up we'll avoid the critical path where possible and explore the new open-world setup and the various new and improved mechanics that comes with it.

Simply join us on our Live Page at 3pm GMT / 4pm CET and see the mutant-filled shooter in action for yourselves.

Metro Exodus

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