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Today on GR Live: Tales of Berseria Demo

Sophia takes control of Velvet to test the beta.

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The next part of the well known Tales series is, as you might know, the upcoming Tales of Berseria. The game will release on January 27, but that won't hold us back, because we'll be trying out the game on today's livestream. Square Enix has been so kind as to release a beta for the game on both PC and PS4, so all the curious players will be able to try the game out before it releases. And we want to do that!

Today Sophia will be taking charge of the main character of the game, Velvet, and leading her group of warriors on. If you want to take a closer look at the game as well, join us when the stream starts at 16:00 CET on our live page. Enjoy!

Today on GR Live: Tales of Berseria Demo

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