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Today on GR Live - Super Cloudbuilt

The remaster of 2014's Cloudbuilt is here, and we're taking it for a spin.

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Double Eleven and Coilworks' Super Cloudbuilt, the remaster of the 2014 game, has just been released, seeing you fill the shoes of a woman called Demi, who wakes up in a mysterious world and is tasked with piecing together the future, all while completing free-running challenges mixed with a bit of action.

That's why we're jumping into the game on our live page from 15:00 BST / 16:00 CEST for two hours today, then, to see how the game plays with all these new and updated features in place.

If you're interested in the game, check out the Steam page, as it's available today on PC, PS4, and Xbox One for £15.99, with a 10% discount on Steam.

Super Cloudbuilt

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