Today on GR Live: Return to Soma

Last minute schedule change for today's livestream.

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Today on Gamereactor Live we make our return to the underwater horrors of Soma from Frictional Games (of Amnesia: The Dark Descent fame). Dóri and Sophia continue their adventure from where they left off last time, about two hours into the game.

Originally the plan was to stream some Wildstar today along with a bit of a Skylanders Superchargers speed run competition, however due to technical issue this had to be rescheduled.

How will their nerves hold up and which one makes the more high pitched shrieking sound during the show? Tune in at 16 CEST at Gamereactor Live page or on your PS4 and find out the answers. The show will last two hours.


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GOG.com offers up Soma free of charge

GOG.com offers up Soma free of charge

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