Project CARS 2

Today on GR Live: Project CARS 2

We'll be racing with Slightly Mad Studios' simulation.

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Later this week marks the continuation of Slightly Mad Studios mission to usurp the racing simulator throne with Project CARS 2. This sequel has received a major overhaul and now presents several types of racing, tons of cars and tracks and customisation and preset options like you wouldn't believe.

Clearly, Project Cars 2 is not for the faint of heart, and so we've put our resident grease monkey up to the task, David Caballero. Not only will he give you two full hours of cool gameplay, he'll also present it using the very best wheel Fanatec has to offer.

So tune in from 3:00 pm (16:00 CEST) on the Gamereactor Live page.

Project CARS 2

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