Life is Strange

Today on GR Live: Life is Strange

We're playing the fourth episode in today's stream.

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Dóri and Sophia have been slowly progressing through Life is Strange's various episodes for some time now, and now we're ready to continue main character Max's story. We've reach the fourth episode entitled "Dark Room", so buckle up, and tune in at 15:00 (16:00 CET) on our live page.

While you wait you can always check out our recent interview with developer Dontnod, who talked to us in London about the story in Life is Strange, the time-bending mechanic, and the desire at the studio to revisit the town of Arcadia Bay. Head this way to see the interview in full.

Life is Strange

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Life is Strange

REVIEW. Written by Bengt Lemne

"At the end of a very turbulent week in Arcadia Bay we have to say that this is a game that anyone who appreciates this sort of episodic adventure owes it to themselves to try."

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