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Today on GR Live: Gravel

Milestone's latest arcade racer will be put to the test on today's livestream.

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Today on Gamereactor Live our Spanish editor-in-chief David Caballero will put his racing skills to the test with Milestone's new arcade rally racer Gravel. A fun break from the likes of open-world arcade racers and simulation-focused track racing games, Gravel was released late last week on PC, PS4, and Xbox One (read our review here).

We will play the game on PlayStation 4 for two hours starting at 3:00 pm GMT (16:00 CET) and you can catch it, as always, on the Gamereactor Live page.


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REVIEW. Written by Kim Orremark

"There are two things above all else in life that we crave. High speeds and dirt. For this reason alone it is easy to enjoy the latest arcade racer from Milestone."

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