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Pillars of Eternity

Today on GR Academy: Obsidian Entertainment

Game director Josh Sawyer and executive producer and lead programmer Adam Brennecke share their expertise.

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Today on Gamereactor Academy we're sitting down with two developers from one of the top RPG developers in the world - Obsidian Entertainment.

Josh Sawyer is a true veteran RPG developer having started his career as a web designer at Black Isle Studios. He progressed to get an associate producer on IceWind Dale II. After leaving Black Isle he would work on a Gauntlet remake for Midway for a time before joining his fellow former Black Isle mates at Obsidian in 2005 to work on Neverwinter Nights II. He was the project director and lead designer on Fallout: New Vegas (a high point in his career as he explains in the Academy interview) as well as the cancelled Alien RPG. Currently he serves as game director on Pillars of Eternity (due out on March 26).

Adam Brennecke joined Obsidian a decade ago and has mainly been engaged with programming, but he was also the project director on Dungeon Siege III and currently serves as executive producer and lead programmer on Pillars of Eternity. He handled the game's Kickstarter and has had a hand in basically every Obsidian title since Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II.

Pillars of Eternity

In this Academy session the duo offers insights learn through their careers, explain the workflow and creative process they employ, while also reminiscing about both high points and low points.

The show will air today at 6pm GMT / 7pm CET for Academy subscribers.

All you need to do to watch the session, and gain access to others (both past and future), is to enroll with Gamereactor Academy.

The Academy offers a series of extensive videos with industry figures offering insights into game development, inspiration and education, providing you with the information and knowledge you need if you're looking to begin a career in game development. The sessions will offer both more practically focused programs as well as relaxed conversations with developers.

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