Rare Replay

Today on Gamereactor Live: Rare Replay

We relive some of the timeless classic found in the Xbox One collection.

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British development powerhouse Rare has been around for 30 years and amassed an impressive catalog of hit titles ranging from the days of the early home computers on to their Nintendo era, and to their Xbox titles of more recent years. Having picked 30 titles from their storied past for Rare Replay - we're taking a look at the collection in today's Gamereactor Live.

Dóri will be donning on his old school thumbs for this and feel free to come up with suggestion on what games he should sample in the chat. How about some classic Banjo-Kazooie, some Battletoads or Killer Instinct Gold. Or perhaps som Perfect Dark, Snake Rattle N Roll, or Grabbed by the Ghoulies? There's a long list to choose from so make sure you tune in for two hours of Rare fun starting at 15:00 BST (16:00 CET) over on the Gamereactor Live page.

Rare Replay

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Rare Replay

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"Rare Replay is a fantastic collection of games as much as it's a wonderful slice of video game history. "

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