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Bound by Flame

Today on Gamereactor Live: Bound by Flame

Join us from 3pm for our newest live show, as we explore Spiders Studio's action RPG.

If you'd read through our Bound by Flame review and were interested in the premise, but weren't sure whether to commit your cash, you can see the game in action as we play through it in today's Gamereactor Live show.

From 3pm, join hosts Nick and Dori as they plunge into the game proper. After a quick overview of the game's opening and basics, they'll skip ahead to later in the game so you can get an idea of what's in store for you later. Just bookmark our dedicated Gamereactor Live page and be ready for two hours of monster slaying!

Bound by Flame

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Bound by FlameScore

Bound by Flame

REVIEW. Written by Martin Eiser

"In the end, and surprisingly after those first few hours, Spiders manages to deliver a compelling story; enough to raise our verdict a couple of notches from our original impression."

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