Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 gets horde mode next week

Operation Frontier Shield comes with a new mode, two maps, and special Warpaints.

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Most of the free Titanfall 2 expansions have included new maps, Titans, executions, and more for multiplayer, but the next one will let us co-operate together as part of Operation Frontier Shield.

This expansion is set to arrive on July 25 and one of the most noteworthy inclusions is the Frontier Defence mode. This is a horde mode where you and three other players will have to defend a Harvester from five waves of increasingly difficult enemies, and killing enemies, including some new types, will earn you cash that you can spend in between waves to purchase tools like Batteries, Arc Traps, Sentries, and more. You'll also earn special Titan ranks called Aegis Ranks by completing Frontier Defence matches. Aegis Ranks can unlock new powerful upgrades for your Titans, which makes the later rounds a bit easier, and we'll get to know more about these closer to launch.

The expansion also includes two maps, the first of which, called Rise, has been remade for Titanfall 2, so we'll once again get the chance to fight in the abandoned desert reservoir.

Titanfall 2

Township, however, is a new Live Fire map that takes us to a modular construction of a residential firefight.

Titanfall 2

Respawn has also decided to introduce new Elite Warpaints for weapons and Titans that you can buy, which won't just change your appearance, but will also boost your experience points. Each Elite Weapon Warpaint will give you a chance for double xp just for you and a merit boost for you and your team. These must be owned but do not have to be equipped to earn the boost. Meanwhile, each Titan skin will give you and your team an XP boost for Frontier Defence, and this boost is stackable. The skin will also have a shoulder piece on the upper arm that will change depending on which difficulty you've beaten Frontier Defence on.

You can get a taste of what awaits in the trailer below. Will you be testing your skills in the new mode?

Titanfall 2

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